Hub Alert – Rise in Crime

Sorry to have to suggest this, but a few of you will already know that we seem to be experiencing a significant rise in crime at the moment in the Valley Hill Hub area. There have been a few break ins (both houses and sheds) on Pound Park Road as well as break ins to... Continue Reading →

All Charlton Candidates sign up to Charlton Accords

More and more we see Charlton residents wanting to get involved in local decisions. People want to know and understand more about how the council works and the impacts it has at local level. With that in mind, Valley Hill Hub drafted 'the Charlton Accords', a short and simple list of things that a local... Continue Reading →

#CharltonSkatePark Opens…

Saturday 21st October 2017 saw #CharltonSkatePark open for locals and keen skaters alike. Below are a few photos that capture something of the flavour of what was a great opening day.  Talented and experienced skaters mixed happily with newbie locals and Charlton school kids amazed to find they suddenly had a fantastic new facility on... Continue Reading →

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