Covid19: Local WhatsApp Groups

A list of the local WhatsApp groups (that we know of) setup so far in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. These groups are created and managed by local residents. Please DO NOT join a group that does not apply to you (or to someone you may be assisting).

If you know of other groups please let me know in the comments below or use the Contact page.

This is not proposed as a definite list of Charlton WhatsApp resident groups. This is merely groups created locally to Valley Hill Hub that we know of, and placed here as a handy resource for the people who have been asking if we know of local groups for their roads.

The CHARLTON CHAMPION already have a page with other local resources and if they wish to take the list below and update that page then I can remove the list below and include a link to that page (no point doubling up unnecessarily).

Valley Hill Hub

Charlton Lane/Pound Park/Thorntree Road/Wolfe Cresecent/Roads in between

Charlton Parkside Community Hub

Park Drive/Little Heath/Maryon Road

Flamsteed Rd / McCall Crescent

Kinveachy Gardens

Heathwood Gardens

Woodland Terrace

Central Charlton Residents Association

Delafield Road, Inverine Road, Swallowfield Road, Priolo Road, Wellington Gardens, Elliscombe Road, Priolo Road, Fossdene Road, Calydon Road, Sundorne Road, Frank Burton Close, Gollogoly Terrace


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