The Charlton Accords – towards greater community engagement in Charlton

Over the last few days, Valley Hill Community Hub has asked all candidates in the Charlton ward in the May 2018 local elections to commit to an even more open, immediate, and transparent dialogue with their ward voters and residents over the next term of office.

We asked all candidates in Charlton ward to commit that if elected, they will:

Maintain and post on a public website specifically for Charlton ward:

  1. Ward Reports: With three local councillors, just 4 posts a year per councillor would give Charlton residents a monthly update on local goings-on and a valuable insight into the work of their elected officials.
  2. A record of ward budget grants as they are approved. We would also suggest that councillors invite all those awarded grants to report back via the website on how the money was spent.
  3. Where relevant, councillors post their views and (if applicable) votes on major local issues in Charlton and surrounding wards – such as Ikea, Silvertown tunnel, the Cruise Terminal and so on.
  4. Dates of local councillor surgeries, contact details, social media links etc.

Background & Details:
Unlike previous years, a simple but effective website can now be maintained for free and with little IT knowledge. Sites such as WordPress cost nothing and allow multiple users (ie the three councillors) to post via computers, phones or tablets of any operating system.

If you agree that it would be useful and democratic to have a public resource enabling you to know more about what the Charlton ward councillors do over the next four years then please let us know and we’ll add your name or your group’s name to the supporters of the Charlton Accords so we can make sure that the three councillors elected keep their word. Thank you.

Andy & Paul

Supporter Signatures:

Andrew Donkin
Paul Chapman
Carol Kenna
Roden Richardson
Jane Bland
Lindsay Barnett
Christopher Seaden
Stuart Hopper
Sarah Fford-Divers
Jodie Coughlan


Candidate Signatures

Pamela Christie Gary Dillon Ian Gerrard
Women’s Equality Party Labour Party Liberal Democrats
Signed Signed Signed
Rebecca Ireland Catherine Latham Clare Loops
Liberal Democrats Conservatives Green Party
Signed Signed Signed
Gakuru Macharia Maya Mann Cllr Gary Parker
Conservatives Conservatives Labour Party
Signed Signed Signed
Linda Perks Charlie Rome
Labour Party Liberal Democrats
Signed Signed

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