All Charlton Candidates sign up to Charlton Accords

More and more we see Charlton residents wanting to get involved in local decisions. People want to know and understand more about how the council works and the impacts it has at local level.

With that in mind, Valley Hill Hub drafted ‘the Charlton Accords‘, a short and simple list of things that a local councillor could do that would give residents more information about how Charlton and Greenwich work.

The Accords asked for a commitment from each candidate that if they became an elected councillor they would:
– Post monthly reports on a public website
– Post updates on applications and grants for ward budget allocations
– Post their intensions and voting record (where applicable) on key local issues
– Post their surgery times and locations and contact details

The Accords were then sent to all 11 local election candidates inviting them to sign up. We’re very please to be able to say tonight that they all have.

Thank you to the candidates for commiting to greater transparency and engagement in Charlton (and for so many of them sending us their ward priorities as well). We very much hope that not only will residents be better informed as a result, but that they will also be better equipped to help Councillors shape a better future for Charlton.

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