#CharltonSkatePark Opens…

Saturday 21st October 2017 saw #CharltonSkatePark open for locals and keen skaters alike.

Below are a few photos that capture something of the flavour of what was a great opening day.  Talented and experienced skaters mixed happily with newbie locals and Charlton school kids amazed to find they suddenly had a fantastic new facility on their doorstep.

I was particularly stuck by the friendly and very supportive nature of the skate culture with skaters warmly applauding each other for their tricks and skills even when coming off their boards now and then.  It felt to me like a really good environment for kids to learn new skills over the coming years.

A huge vote of thanks to Greenwich Council for organising the nuts and bolts of the Saturday opening and to Stuart and Ashleigh of Greenwich Skate Co-Op for organising the massed ranks of the assembled skaters who entertained the crowds with their demonstrations.  Local Charlton ward Councillors Miranda Williams and Gary Parker were in attendance, in Gary’s case despite having spoken at two planning meetings to oppose the park being built.

#CharltonSkatePark is finally here.  I’m sure there will be various interesting teething troubles to be overcome in the months ahead, but it seemed to me to be a facility that was really warmly welcomed by all the skaters, local kids, and SE7 parents who were there on a rather windy Saturday.


Photos (c) Valley Hill Hub

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