Hub air quality monitoring has started!

On Sunday a small but perfectly formed band of local hubbers walked around the Valley Hill streets and put up 14 air quality monitors, as part of our local air quality project.

The monitors were strategically placed to capture readings from key spots, such as outside our local schools, as well as in places where we can get useful comparisons, such as in the park, on the Woolwich road, and in the Village.

The monitors will now stay in place for a month, when they will then be taken down again and we’ll send them off to the lab for the results. So interesting and exciting stuff. And was great getting the kids involved in some hands-on science, as well as walking around in the glorious weather!

The exact date of the ‘take down’ is yet to be confirmed but details will be posted on here as soon as they are known. And as always we’ll be looking for volunteers to help out.

Thanks again also to Clean Air UK who supplied us with the monitors and also trained Andy in how they needed to go up. Top people.



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